As a PhD researcher with the Loughborough Design School, the focus of my research is how the process of transferring insights from biology to design is currently done in practice and how it might be enhanced through the use of physical modeling.  

I hope to uncover insights on how designers can leverage familiar techniques to explore unfamiliar territory in the life sciences.

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Happening Now

Global Biomimicry Practitioners Survey

The purpose of this study is to better understand the demographic backgrounds and current practices of the emerging biomimicry practitioner community that has grown considerably over the last 20 years. 

All biomimicry practitioners encouraged to participate.

Developing Research

Biomimicry Practitioner Interviews

The purpose of this research is to explore the individual experiences of biomimicry practitioners in abstracting and transferring working principles derived from biology to design.  There is a particular interest in those practitioners that have used physical modeling as a support.  This qualitative data will be used in comparative analysis with the quantitative data collected from the Global Biomimicry Practitioner Survey and existing literature.

Developing Research

Evaluation of Biomimetic Models

With a better understanding of the challenges faced by biomimicry practitioners in transferring biological working principles to design, an exploration of how physical modeling might enhance visualization, evaluation, and collaboration in this difficult step of the biomimicry process.  Outcomes of this exploration will be shared with biomimicry practitioners for their evaluation of its usefulness to practice.